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Creative team appearing visibly burnt out.

Your creative struggle is [not real]. It is over.

LK Designs provides truly done-for-you creative services tailored to your specific needs.

Enhance Your
Brand's Visibility
Increase Customer Engagement
Drive Revenue

Grow your business 
by doing less.

A lot of small teams and entrepreneurs try to do so many roles in-house they actually slow the growth of the business. They come to find it is financially harmful to try and do it all.
Woman in front of laptop looking stressed.
If your team faces challenges with:
  • Inconsistent messages and graphics across brand touch points.
  • Difficulty explaining what your business is all about.
  • Lack of engagement from your target audience.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with your creative projects.
  • An outdated logo needing a refresh.
  • An ineffective or non-existent marketing strategy.
  • Successfully executing an automated marketing funnel.
  • Disconnected graphics that are not aligned with your brand.
Happy creative team looking at a computer screen.

> Graphic Design
> Brand Clarity
> Digital Marketing
> Messaging + Positioning
> Social Media Support



Still here? We might be a creative match made in heaven.  :)

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About Lisa.

Lisa Koroma is an experienced remote creative director and graphic designer with a love for creative projects that help take the pressure off teams and support their goals. She is an overall creator with expertise in graphic design, creative direction, branding, and creative project management for businesses of all sizes. Lisa is a lover of cute shoes and power tools. When she's not designing she makes sure to find time for quick DIY projects around the home and hunting for treasures in local thrift shops.

Book a call to discover how an individualized design and branding plan can free up space on your to-do list and get you back to doing the work you enjoy the most. 

Let's create together. 

Like what you've seen so far? Are you based in Virginia or want to work remotely? Have questions about a possible project or collaboration? Connect with me however you please! 

I'm available for virtual hangouts to discuss the details of your project or just take a break and chat about what's keeping you up a night.






What the good folks say.

Dr. Abubakar from Dunia Health Clinic

It's been a pleasure working with Lisa. Our marketing materials are now consistent and eye-catching! We get so many compliments on our new look! 

Dunia Health Clinic

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Lisa is a creative director, graphic designer, and overall creator currently based in Virginia. She can't wait to bring creative solutions to your next project.

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